How Much Will It Cost To Build A Garage in Dayton Ohio?

Are you short on covered and secure storage for your toys?  A boat an RV?  Maybe that classic collector car or hot rod.  For many Ohio homeowners adding a custom built garage or shop onto their property whether attached to the home, or a separate building entirely is the answer to more storage space.  If your zoning allows you can even build a rental or in-law suite above the garage. We know … [Read more...]

5 Signs Your Dayton OH Roof Might Need Replacement

Does your roof look tired?  Are there some obvious signs of wear or damage? Replacing the roof on your Dayton, OH home usually isn’t high on most homeowners priority lists and it’s usually a decision that is generally forced upon the homeowner at a very inconvenient time.  Usually it's a roof failure that spurs a customer into contacting us. So what if you’re one of those conscientious … [Read more...]

Getting New Kitchen Countertops Installed In Your Ohio Home

Having New Kitchen Countertops Installed Into Your Ohio Home New countertops are an affordable way to dramatically improve your kitchen. Are you looking to make some small, but meaningful improvements in your kitchen?  Improvements that look great, add function and won't break the bank or inconvenience you with weeks of construction?  Kitchen countertops are an excellent solution for the … [Read more...]

Transforming Your Basement Into a Liveable Basement Suite

Are you looking to transform your basement into a mortgage helper or an in-law suite?  Maybe you have a loved one, like an aging parent, that you'd like to have closer or need to care for?  Maybe you just want to take that empty boring space and finally turn it into something useful?  Most people would agree that a basement suite providing a little extra income or better family living arrangements … [Read more...]

7 Popular Basement Remodeling Ideas For Ohio Homeowners in 2017

Are you ready to finally finish off that basement?  Maybe you'd just like to transform it into a more usable and modern space for your growing family?  What about turning it into a basement suite to earn a little rental income?  With basements remodeling projects the possibilities are endless and only really limited by building codes and budgets! Ohio Home Doctor Remodeling is a full service … [Read more...]

Home Addition Options For Your Ohio Home

Are you in the planning phases of a home addition project on your Ohio property?  Home additions are usually the only way to add more liveable space to your property. If you aren’t fortunate to have a large unfinished basement that you can remodel for the extra space then building on a home addition is going to be your only option. There are several different types of additions that can be … [Read more...]

6 Home Remodeling Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Remodeling your home is an exciting experience for any Ohio family that will transform the home you have, into the home that your family wants or needs. Don't be so hasty though, remodeling isn't really that straight forward and easy! You've probably heard some of the remodeling horror stories from friends, family and co-workers but it’s also never easy to learn the truth in these situations … [Read more...]

Room Additions Dayton Ohio

 Getting Started- There are many reasons our clients decide to build room additions, whether it's personal attachment to a property, or the addition of a new family member. Often times the most logical approach to attaining the living space your family needs is building a room addition to your Dayton, Ohio home. Additional square footage can morph your home's functionality to accommodate your … [Read more...]

203K Loan Contractor| Home Path Renovations| Ohio Home Doctor

Ohio Home Doctor is southwestern Ohio’s leading 203k loan and Home Path contractor. We have been successfully helping our clients with their loan renovation projects for over 5 years. Not all contractors either can get approved, or are willing to deal with the banks. For us we relish the opportunity to provide our clients with high quality home remodeling services during their new home purchase. … [Read more...]

Master Bathroom Amenities

Master bathrooms need to be just that; Masterful! It’s pretty common knowledge that the way your day starts set the pace for the rest of the day. How are you kick starting your day? Perhaps you are crammed into a small moldy corner shower with little to no light. Perhaps your shower valve has expired its best days and now produces a meager stream leaving you rinsing forever. Maybe even you are … [Read more...]