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Ohio Home Doctor is southwestern Ohio’s leading 203k loan and Home Path contractor. We have been successfully helping our clients with their loan renovation projects for over 5 years. Not all contractors either can get approved, or are willing to deal with the banks. For us we relish the opportunity to provide our clients with high quality home remodeling services during their new home purchase. We have heard the horror stories from clients who have become exhausted trying to navigate the process with inexperienced and unwilling contractors. Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be; hire Ohio Home Doctor and let us show you how much simpler this process can be.

Why Us?

Our Experience- We have effectively completed numerous projects just like yours. When considering which company to hire for your renovations you must consider not only their attention to detail while working in your home but also their ability to manage all the paper work which accompanies these types of projects. For the inexperienced contractor/homeowner team this can be a daunting and miserable experience. Our knowledge of the process cuts out an immeasurable amount of headache and back and forth emails while preparing for closing. Let’s face it, you have a lot going on right now while planning to move into your new and soon to be improved home. Let us streamline the process and make life easier!

We Are Certified- Ohio Home Doctor is pre-approved by Wells Fargo and Prime Lending. This cuts out the approval process and allows us to get to work in your corner right away. Getting approved the first time is no small task. We have undergone a credit check, background check, and thorough investigation by the banks to ensure that we are a trustworthy option for your project. Don’t be fooled by someone who says they can get approved quickly, it just doesn’t happen that way. Hiring a contractor who isn’t approved will add countless pages of paper work to the project, and delay closing for as much as 3 weeks. Often in that time your offer may expire and your dream home sells to someone else because you embarked on the journey with the wrong company.

We Are Equipped to handle your project no matter how involved its specifications may be. We are a full service home remodeling and home improvement company and have the man power and portfolio to tackle any and all jobs which are being either required or requested for your project. Having an organization equipped to manage all aspects of your project streamlines the process and allows for a single contract to be submitted to the bank, reducing overall turnaround time.

The Process

Step 1- Find your dream home! While planning to purchase keep an open mind and try to concentrate on potential more so than actual conditions. We can fix almost anything wrong with a home so find one with the right amount of size in the right neighborhood and we can re-design it into your dream home.

Step 2- Call Us! Once you have found your potential new home we can schedule a time with your realtor to meet at the home and discuss your plans. Have your must haves and want to haves lists available so we can cover all the bases when we meet. Our experience allows us to quickly and accurately assess the home’s condition and make recommendations regarding the best usage of your budget.

Step 3- We will draft a proposal for your project. This will be the “actual contract” which is the actual agreement for the work to be performed on your home.

Step 4- Once approved we will then draft a contract which meets the banks guidelines to get the loan approved. There needs to be 2 contracts since the bank wants specific language excluded from the contract often times making them vague. It is important for us that we are 100% on the same page as far as what we are going to do for you and for how much, thus the need for two contracts.

Step 5- Closing! We will begin construction within 30 days of your closing as required by most banks. It is important that you have made all your construction related decisions like material selection and design options as soon as possible after closing.

Step 6- Construction. During construction we will follow through on exactly what we planned to do. We will need access to the home during business hours Monday through Friday. It is always best if you can avoid moving into the home until construction is complete but if this is not possible then plan to live around construction until it is complete. Also keep in mind that personal items and or boxes should not be stored in areas of the home under construction. Lastly, make arrangements for any pets you may have since worksites aren’t the safest place for them.

Step 7- Enjoy your new home! After we are done the real fun begins and you can truly move into your new home and enjoy the features which made you decide to buy it in the first place.

Put our experience and know how in your corner for your upcoming 203k or Home Path project. We work hard to ensure we are your best choice for these types of projects and look forward to working with you on yours! Thanks for reading!


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