Our Process

Step 1: Congratulations!

You have completed Step 1. You have found our company. We look forward to working with you!

Step 2: Lets make contact.
You can call us at (937) 605-6882. Or you can email us using one of the contact forms on this website. Or use our email address OhioHomeDoctor@Gmail.com. To complete the contact form it is essential that you include an active email address and helpful if you include your phone number and a brief description of your proposed project. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to it.

Step 3: Initial Meeting. During the first meeting we aim to achieve several goals including establishing 3.1 scope of work, 3.2 discussing rough budget, 3.3 exploring options, 3.4 creating an initial design and or design plan based on the project, and 3.5 getting to meet each other.

3.1: Scope of Work is Article 1 in our contracts because it is what the whole deal is based on. We like to establish a clear and defined Scope early to assure that both parties you our client and us your contractor are on the same page regarding all the details of a project especially what is going to be done and how much it is going to cost.

Our detailed agreements also include a clear payment schedule, general provisions including scheduling concerns or special considerations, and serve as your warranty certificate.  Often times peoples feedback about doing business with a contractor is negative because expectations aren’t managed well by both parties and clear terms of what for how much aren’t established. Using a clear proposal/contract and following through on it has allowed us to grow a large local customer base which makes up for the majority of our work.

During this first meeting we will attempt to narrow down a potential Scope of Work which a cost proposal can be formulated from in many cases the same day.

3.2 Establishing a rough budget is important during the initial meeting in most cases. Typically our clients have decided how much they want to spend before they contact us but are apprehensive about divulging this to us because of fear of being taken advantage of. For smaller projects discussing a realistic budget early on is unnecessary but for medium to large size projects it is very helpful.

Our pricing is based off of analysis of our costs and the Scope of your project not how much money you have. When dealing with the guy down the road or a part time handyman this may be a concern but not when dealing with a legitimate business like Ohio Home Doctor. Our mark ups are static and not based on foreign factors.

Discussing a rough budget allows you the client to explore design options and weigh different approaches without tedious, costly, and time consuming back and forth closed book correspondences. Often times we as experienced contractors are able to negotiate better prices for you with our network of suppliers and specialty contractors if a grand picture is provided versus if a no cards on the table line by line is requested.

3.3: Exploring design possibilities is best done after the budget is discussed. No need to waste your time or get excited about something that is not in the current plans. Matt has been applauded by his peers for innovative designs and keen eye for detail. This allows him to provide ideas based on actual current conditions and budget if so desired.

3.4: For applicable projects including basement finishes, bathroom remodels, and kitchen remodels a design will be created on the spot during this initial meeting. For many remodeling projects this blue print is helpful in a few ways. First it provides us some thing tangible to provide a price for. Secondly, it helps you the client visualize, conceptualize, and communicate to us your wishes and ideas in a measurable and clear method. Many of our clients are amazed by the speed and accuracy in which we create our initial plans.

3.5: Are we a good fit? Lets face it, in life some people just don’t get along with some people. For us the last thing we want to do is get involved in a project with someone we dont generally like and I’m sure you feel the same way. The first meeting provides us an opportunity to get to know each other and see if its even feasible working together.

Step 4: Review the Initial proposal.
We have most proposals submitted within a day or two depending mainly on material and subcontractor pricing. Our proposals are a simple contract so you may also see the terms and conditions with the cost and payment plan clearly defined. This helps you compare other quotes you may have as close as possible.

A common feedback we get is that our proposal was much more detailed than the others they received and that they had a hard time getting proper clarifications from other contractors. We aren’t hiding anything in the details. If at any point during the process you need further clarification, to alter the plan, or add verbiage which makes you comfortable please let us know. We are always here to answer your questions.

Step 5: Select Your Contractor.
When doing so it is important to consider many more factors than just price because in remodeling and building the level of customer service your receive is going to go a long way in deciding what type of experience your project turns out to be. It is important to not only believe in and trust your contractor but also to feel comfortable with them on your property. We have a whole article on tips for hiring a contractor on this website.

Step 6: During Construction.
During construction it is important to make yourself available during the process to make necessary decisions and be aware of what going on. Most clients work during the day so we schedule to meet a couple times a week to go over progress, make applicable decisions, and discuss the schedule.

Step 7: Enjoy the Space!
This is the best part. The whole point of remodeling and building is to be able to enjoy the new spaces. We design our whole process around the end result ensuring you love the new spaces and that they work for you and your family.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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