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Drainage Contractor and Basement Waterproofing in Dayton, Ohio.

The Ohio Home Doctor offers several different drainage solutions for your home.

With all the rain we have recieved over the last 12 months 2011 proved to be a record year for drainage problems in the Miami Valley.  At Ohio Home Doctor the home drainage contractors Dayton Ohio looks to for drainage solutions, our approach is simple. Water flows downhill or to the point of least resistance. We simply create a path to the point of least resistance to control or move water away from its undesired location.

Ohio Home Doctor drainage contractors know how to protect your home and your property. There is a wide variety of exterior drainage problems that affect 60% of all homeowners. The severity of these problems can significantly vary as well. Drainage problems may be seasonal or develop over time.

Typically, homeowners can go for years before they even realize they have a persistent problem. Mold and structural foundation damage are also problems that may occur in homes with improper drainage. A negative pitch of the grade provides a direct path for water towards a home while adding harmful hydrostatic pressure and voiding home foundation warranties and resulting in substantial foundation repair. During the winter months, water near a foundation wall will freeze and expand, therefore providing additional damaging pressure.

A proper drainage system is critical for preventing foundation damage, basement damage and stormwater damage. These drainage issues will continue to get worse as water settles property features such as lawn areas, patios, driveways and foundations often causing a preventable damage and expense.

Considering surface runoff is the most common drainage problem, adjusting the grade is typically the primary recommended drainage solution and ensuring a positive pitch away from the home is very important. An efficient use of drainage tile and a drain tile system is an excellent approach to supplement the benefits of proper grading. A 4″ perforated drain tile backfilled with limestone chips will absorb seepage (underground water) under the center of a swale or other appropriate areas.

Although considering these pipes may freeze in a typical winter, they should be used as a secondary drainage solution. A proper drainage system and lawn drainage helps to keep your home from flooding. It is also important for healthy plants and trees, which further enhance your property value. It alleviates problems with the foundation of your home, preventing cracking, uneven shrinkage and swelling. The total landscape drainage area of your property for drainage purposes is called a watershed.

Watershed means the total water drainage area with its different slopes, rates of water run off, soil porosity and the dividing line between each drainage surface area such as roof, deck and lawn areas. A property watershed analysis by a drainage expert will identify these different areas and will recommend the appropriate fixtures and pipe size for the landscape drainage system.

Your drainage system may include gutter downspout tie ins, catch basins (also known as yard drains), channel drains, French drains and deck drains. Sump pumps or sump systems are sometimes needed as part of your home drainage system to move the water out of areas lower than the elevation being drained to. A sump pump basin is usually constructed of brick or concrete with an electric pump. Proper maintenance consists of regular inspection and cleanout of catch basins, downspout clean outs, and inspection and replacement of power connections on sump pumps and drain covers. Unfortunately, there are many contractors that provide homeowners inaccurate information and improper advice relating to their exterior water problems.

Many others are simply not experienced in the technical necessities in the designing and implementation of an efficient exterior drainage system. Give us a call today for your free estimate at (937) 605-6882 you’ll be glad you did!  Ohio Home Doctor home drainage contractors in the Dayton Ohio and Miami Valley area have the experience and knowledge to provide you the right drainage solutions for your home and property using a precise and technical approach.

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