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Hardieplank Siding Installer in Dayton, Ohio.

If  you are interested in Hardieplank siding Dayton, Ohio has one of the best Hardieplank siding contractors to handle your Hardieplank siding installation, Ohio Home Doctor!

There are various names and terms people refer to when talking about HardiePlank siding.   For instance, hardie board, fiber cement siding, cement board, hardie plank siding, cement board siding and cement siding just to name a few.   Hardie Plank is a cement fiber board that bears a striking resemblance to wood, complete with texture and grain.

James Hardie siding has rapidly developed into one of the more popular alternatives to wood and vinyl siding.  Unlike wood, however, Hardie Board siding is impermeable to the most common forms of damage that threaten wood siding, including water damage, rot and termites.  Hardie siding boards are specially designed to retain paint much longer than wood, without chipping or peeling.

James Hardie Industries, a company that was founded over 100 years ago to develop exterior products especially suited to extreme climates. In terms of durability and attractiveness, Hardie Plank siding is an excellent option for those wanting the look and feel of real wood siding, without the hassles and risks that accompany it.   There are plenty of siding companies in the U.S. that offer Hardie Plank, but very few of them know how to install it correctly.  Fortunately, Dayton, Ohio has one such siding contractor, Ohio Home Doctor!

An independent investigation of dozens of homes which were fitted with Hardie Plank siding, found that at least 90% of them were improperly installed.  Siding installation is critical and in many of these cases, the warranty on the materials was likely voided.  We find it unfortunate that such an excellent product should go to waste, especially when it is at the homeowners expense!

Our professional siding installers adhere to the strict instructions outlined by James Hardie Industries, to ensure the product works the way it was designed.  Paying close attention to the smallest details, the end result is a clean and smooth look that is so classy, you will swear it is real wood!   Before hammering a single nail, we fully inspect your exterior walls for any signs of damage or rot.

We will remove all surface boards, and caulk and seal around windows or doors where needed.  In addition, we will identify structural problems that may be due to insect or water damage.  After all, a building is only as good as its foundation.   This type of exterior siding is typically more expensive than other options, but because it can last the lifetime of a house, many home owners consider the investment worth it.

The siding comes in a variety of colors and styles that can fit any homeowners tastes.   It is designed to last a lifetime, resisting cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites and many other possible problems.   If you have any questions, or wish to request an estimate, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Our extensive experience in all aspects of the siding industry allows us to answer any questions you may have about the pros and cons of Hardieplank siding, as well as the other house siding options we can offer or siding repair.   Ohio Home Doctor, the hardiplank siding installation experts in Dayton, Ohio.

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