Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair in Dayton Ohio

Wind storm, ice damage and hail damage are all weather related conditions that a roofing contractor in Dayton, Ohio faces quite frequently in our area.  Having a waterproof roof to protect a home is critical to protecting your family and it’s possessions.  Severe weather conditions create strong forces in nature.

Each season heat and  humidity from the summer to and the extreme cold through the winter, can all create serious problems for  your property and very destructive on your home.   In addition, most locals suffer from violent and powerful thunderstorms.   These thunderstorms can become extremely strong and create damaging winds as well as hail that is a very destructive element.

Over the past few years the Miami Valley has seen some of its most extreme weather in recorded history. This has attracted a slu of out of town storm repair contractors who will not be around to honor warranties if ever needed.

Ohio Home Doctor is a local family owned business which will be passed on from one generation to another. We are here for you now and will be here for you when you need us in the future.

High winds, ice, lightening and hail can destroy a roof very quickly.  Storm related damages need to be addressed quickly to prevent further costly roof related repairs.   A damaged roof can seriously affect your entire home.   Water entering through roof leaks can damage your ceiling and walls, and can cause water damage to structural supports and even your house’s foundation.

Mold and mildew, which can grow in unseen areas with trapped moisture, can cause breathing problems and lead to an unhealthy environment throughout your home.   A  prompt roof inspection after a severe storm can detect the early signs of roof damage and can stop problems from becoming bigger and more costly.

Hail damage may not show any immediate signs of damage to your roof or roof shingles, but it will GREATLY reduce the roof’s useful life.  After the storm, chances are you won’t find any leaks, however, hail bruises shingles and those bruises will progressively turn into holes.   If your house has been damaged because of hail or storms and needs a professional roofer,  we can restore things back to normal for you.

With an initial roof inspection, Ohio Home Doctor can assess the damage; and properly advise you on a course of action for any roof repair or roof replacement needed.   Your roof should be inspected as soon as possible after a severe storm.  The sooner you inspect the roof after a storm the better you can avoid any leak damage inside the home, and if an insurance claim for roof damage is warranted, you will have better information to support an insurance claim.

So, what does hail or wind damage look like on asphalt shingle roofs?   Areas of lost mineral granules will be apparent, with more severe granule loss on roof slopes facing the direction from which the hailstones fell (or blew) during the storm.  Additionally, areas of mineral granule loss will have an exposed “fresh” looking shingle substrate and the asphalt impregnated shingle substrate will not yet have been weathered by sun exposure.   The reason it is important to have your roof inspected as soon as possible after a severe storm is that, if these same areas mentioned above are examined much later, the exposed shingle areas of granule loss may have weathered or even cracked and this distinction (hail versus wear or other sources of granule loss) will be more difficult to distinguish.

Sometimes the storm damage can be so severe and extensive that the only alternative is to install a completely new roof.   Also, you should inspect your roof gutters after a storm.  If the gutters are loaded with mineral granules you have strong evidence of damage due to the hail storm.

A word about winter storm damage:

Homeowners often think a faulty roof is to blame for water leakage and damage around exterior walls and ceilings during winter months.  But the real culprit could be ice dams.   Ice dams are lumps of ice that form on gutters, eaves and valleys, and prevent melting snow from running down.  As the snow melts, the water backs up and seeps under shingles or tiles and eventually into your home, sometimes causing extensive damage to the interior of your home.

Fortunately, Ohio Home Doctor remodeling has the experience and the knowledge to handle more than just your damaged roofing repairs and can also take care of any interior repairs or restorations needed as a result of these ice dams.   Whether your roofing need is for a commercial or residential building, Ohio Home Doctor’s roofers can provide you with the necessary repairs and installation to keep your roof in top condition and in proper working order.

We use only the best roofing  available materials and our quality  craftsmanship is 2nd to none.  With our years of roofing experience, rest assured that your home and your roof are in the best of hands.   We have a verifiable “A+” BBB rating  so rest assured we only provide you quality work.   Here are a few additional tips in regard to handling any discovered storm damage to your roof and any insurance claims.   It is extremely important to check and make sure your insurance policy covers any problems that may arise in the event that the unexpected should occur.

If your roof has been damaged during a storm, the first thing to do is contact your insurance agent.   You will need to ask about their policy regarding the filing of roofing insurance claims for storm damage.   It’s important to inform your agent of any problems that were discovered from the roofing inspection that need to be repaired without delay.  This information is crucial in the processing of roofing insurance claims from storm damage and will be helpful to your insurance adjuster.

Ohio Home Doctor will inspect all roofs, chimneys, flashing’s, gutters and downspouts.  We will complete a detailed checklist reporting the current condition of your roof system.   We will then recommend any applicable repairs needed as a result of the hail, ice, lightening or wind damage, and if extensive work is needed, it will be reported to the owner and your insurance company, followed with a detailed written roofing estimate.   We can all be thankful for homeowners’ insurance coverage and the availability of roofing insurance claims from storm damage.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.  If you are looking for a professional Ohio roofing inspection contractor, please call about Ohio Home Doctor’s inspection services today at (937) 605-6882 for a complete roof inspection and roof estimate.

Ohio Home Doctor your Roofing Contractors in the Dayton Ohio area Specializing in Wind Storm, Ice, and Hail Damage

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