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ADA Compliant Home Remodeling Contractor in Dayton Ohio

Are you or somebody you know fighting to maintain life as usual but having trouble getting in and out of their home and need ADA accessibility and compliance?

Or are the current conditions in your home such as high thresholds, bumpy flooring, or narrow hallways, restricting movement in your home?   Ohio Home Doctor designs and installs barrier free showers, ADA  lavatories – ADA  toilets,  ADA grab bars plus much more,  including home entrance and exit ramps to backyard accessible relaxation areas of your home for enjoyment or  handicap access.

Today, Grab bars have become popular throughout the home and not only for showers any more.  Ohio Home Doctor offers a vast range of choices geared towards making a house safer for a loved one or yourself.

We also  inspect existing ones and will re-secure them if needed.   Please do not wait to  install this important and life protecting  safety net after it’s to late.   Call Ohio Home Doctor to schedule an in home consultation about what we can do to keep you in your home longer and increase the quality of your life and your home ADA options.   Having studied ADA codes, we are familiar with all of your ADA options available to you , and can’t wait to share them with you.

If you contact us today, you could get around better in as little as 1 week.   Ohio Home Doctor also provides commercial ADA compliance remodeling and retrofits such as restrooms, drinking fountains, doors and jambs, etc. to meet all  of the ADA compliance accessibility requirements.   Any new construction and any alterations made to an existing facility now requires that they meet and comply with all current ADA standards of design accessibility.   Since accessibility will often be measured by inches and  the success and approval of your design could mean a difference between excluding access or even injuring someone, the attention the small details is vital.

Liabilities and complications from improper construction or installation are important reasons to choose an ADA contractor that will insure constructing your project correctly the very first time.

These alterations, whether for residential or for commercial purposes will require a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced ADA contractor for each modification implemented for the success of any ADA accessibility compliances.

Call Ohio Home Doctor Remodeling at (937) 605-6882 for your ADA accessibility and compliance project and we will be happy to offer you a free consultation, to help increase the quality of your life!

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