Transforming Your Basement Into a Liveable Basement Suite

Are you looking to transform your basement into a mortgage helper or an in-law suite?  Maybe you have a loved one, like an aging parent, that you'd like to have closer or need to care for?  Maybe you just want to take that empty boring space and finally turn it into something useful?  Most people would agree that a basement suite providing a little extra income or better family living arrangements … [Read more...]

7 Popular Basement Remodeling Ideas For Ohio Homeowners in 2017

Are you ready to finally finish off that basement?  Maybe you'd just like to transform it into a more usable and modern space for your growing family?  What about turning it into a basement suite to earn a little rental income?  With basements remodeling projects the possibilities are endless and only really limited by building codes and budgets! Ohio Home Doctor Remodeling is a full service … [Read more...]

How To Build A Basement Bathroom Properly in Ohio

  Getting Started With Your Basement Bathroom! Being a basement finishing contractor we get tons of questions from our clients and potential clients each week. A large portion of the basement questions concern installing a bathroom in the basement of a home. While the task may seem daunting to the untrained eye, getting a fully functional half or full bath into your basement design plan … [Read more...]

How To Choose A Remodeling Contractor in Dayton, Ohio.

Home Remodeling and Home Improvement can be a fun and exciting experience.  Transforming the living spaces you are accustomed too into the spaces you have been dreaming of is a real possibility. Not only do you get to enjoy your new amenities, but you can also reap its rewards such as improved quality of life, heightened energy efficiency, and the ability to recoup most if not all of your … [Read more...]

Important Information About Egress Window And Code Requirements

Important Information About Egress Window and Code Requirements. We would like to share this important information about egress window and the code requirements for them. Wells:  Wells vary in form and function but all share the same basic purpose, help keep water out and provide a way out for your occupants in the event of a fire or other disaster. Egress window wells generally come … [Read more...]

What You Should Know About Walk Out Basement and Egress Window Construction

Ohio Home Doctor would like to share some our knowledge with you about what you should know about walk out basement and egress window construction.  Egress windows have many advantages besides being a smart financial decision. One, and my favorite, is the natural light the egress window allows into your gloomy basement. Even the nicest finished basements always lack one very important thing, … [Read more...]

Mother In-Law Suite Ideas And Tips

The following are some mother-in-law suite options and tips that we have observerd and learned over our remodeling career that we would like to pass on to you.  People are now  living longer,  healthier lives and more families find it beneficial adding a mother- in- law suite to their existing home.  A mother in law suite provides that special space where aging parents and  their children are … [Read more...]