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Important Information About Egress Window And Code Requirements

Important Information About Egress Window and Code Requirements.

We would like to share this important information about egress window and the code requirements for them.


Wells vary in form and function but all share the same basic purpose, help keep water out and provide a way out for your occupants in the event of a fire or other disaster.

Egress window wells generally come in either metal or plastic and need to include a ladder as per building code. Code varies per county so the well you select  must fit your needs as far as function and durability.

Check out the links on our egress page to browse different options then call the discuss the possibilities and schedule a time to receive a free quote from Ohio’s best egress window installer.


Egress window well covers are required by code and are generally a great safety feature. The well cover prevents children and pets from falling down the well from the outside and injuring themselves.

Well covers are available in several styles ranging from clear polycarbonate’s to steel grids.  Most egress window wells have covers special made for each particular well but custom well covers are available from Ohio Home Doctor.  Keep in mind choosing a well cover that lets in natural light is always an inportant consideration.


A properly installed egress window and well system includes tying the wells drainage into your homes  drainage system and consequently the home’s sump pump pit.  Proper drainage must be installed both under the well and around the well for the systems drainage system to properly work for years to come.

Code Requirements:

The window sill must be less than 44 inches from the finished floor of your basement.

The window must proved at minimum 5.7 sq ft. of opening space meaning the actual space available for somebody to climb out of it not the rough opening need for the window.

Your window well must include a escape ladder apparatus for egress escape.  Window wells must include an approved cover.

When considering your new basement remodeling renovation why not let the light in and create and open up  all the possibilities for new living space by, adding an egress window.

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