Types Of Acoustical Ceilings For Your Basement Remodeling Project

Explanations of Various Types of Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical ceilings are extremely popular and boast a plethora of customization and style options.  Acoustic ceilings are suitable for executive suits, conference rooms, offices, schools, banks, and basement ceiling systems, the following will provide you with  explanations of various types of acoustical ceilings.

Pad profiles: 

A pads profile refers to how its finished edge appears next to the grid system.  Altering the pad profile can change the overall appearance of your proposed acoustical ceiling and can add elegance and prestige to your ceiling design  and your home remodel project..


Recessed profiles extend down past the grid and provide a recessed or sunken look.


Beveled acoustical ceiling pads have a unique modern look.  The edges are cut or mitered together forming nice even lines and a rich look.

Roman Ogy:

These profile are very elegant but can be costly.  Roman Ogy profiles are for customers who demand the most aesthetically pleasing results from there interior finishes.

What is an acoustical ceiling pad made of and is it safe for my family?

Acoustical ceiling pads are made of several different materials including recycled cardboard, recycled cotton, and other paper and fabric based materials.  Acoustical ceiling tiles are very clean and beautiful.  They are great choices for residential, hospitals, and businesses alike.

Grid Options: 

There are several grid options ranging from standard metal square and rectangular frames to hidden frames and elaborate industrial and commercial styles.  The most popular grid style is comprised of T shaped mains and cross supports and comes in a satin white electro finish.

Sound Proofing capabilities:

Acoustical ceilings, as the name insinuates, yield outstanding sound absorption and retention capabilities. Properly selected material and instillation can provide the utmost in sound proofing for its owners.  Custom sound designs are available for media rooms, doctor offices, and residential applications.  Ceilings can be designed to maximize audio visual experiences, or provide privacy and confidentiality when necessary.  Ohio Home Doctor can design and install an acoustical ceiling system that is right for your needs.

These various types of acoustical ceilings are the most common.

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