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While the full list of options are limitless we took some time and outlined a few of the popular ones bellow. This is designed to provide you a rough idea of both the costs involved but also some of the features which adorn these truly one of a kind custom spaces.

Wet Bar:

Wet bars are a very popular addition to Cincinnati area basements. They offer a whole other function to the newly finished basement. Wet bars typically consist of 1-5 cabinets installed with a small sink in the mix somewhere. The sink can have both hot and cold water or in some cases just cold water.

To price a wet bar installation you must first design it and select your cabinetry. Ohio Home Doctor will install cabinetry you buy separately or will assist you in designing and purchasing cabinets. We have accounts at several area cabinet suppliers and are always happy to pass our discount onto you.

After selecting the cabinets countertops must be selected and purchased. If you are getting stone countertops from us we can get them in 3-5 days. If they are special order you will want to make sure they get ordered in enough time to have them before construction is awaiting their arrival.

The sink and faucet must also be selected and purchased. These items can be purchased from any local supply house, or from Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards. Make sure you have your sink and faucet as soon as possible because the countertop fabricator will need the specifications from both.

The average labor cost for a wet bar is $1500 plus the cost of necessary plumbing work which is unique to every situation.

The average material cost for a wet bar can be from $ 500 and up.

Egress Windows:

We have covered this topic extensively here

Theater Room:

Including an in home family entertainment center into the plans for your basement is becoming increasingly popular. In the past these were exclusive luxuries only afforded by a few. Now using modern materials and some creative design work a theater room can be included into your package for as little as $4500.

What you get for $4500:

  • Tiered seating deck.
  • Additional outlets for theater chairs and equipment.
  • Soundproof Homasote sub walls.
  • Custom built in cubbies for speakers.
  • Separate properly ventilated equipment closet.
  • No electronic equipment or specialty wiring included.
  • (Usually managed by the audio/visual company.)


Often times any kitchen in the basement gets labeled as a kitchenette. While the literal definition is “a small kitchen”, we contend that they don’t have too.  Kitchens in basement can be anything from simple apartment style, necessities only, to full gourmet chef’s kitchens.

There will be no better time for you while living in your home to install the vital mechanicals that power a deluxe kitchen such as, gas, stainless steel ventilation, and under cabinet lighting/switching.

While unfinished we can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. While the main floor kitchen should be the nicest in the house, we have had several clients who install gourmet kitchens with the intention of out doing it with the main family kitchen in the near future.

We can help you attain substantial savings using our accounts at local cabinet supply houses. Or we can install any cabinet on earth. Have your heart set on a design? We can help procure the cabinet of your dreams making that vision mused from a magazine or web article a reality for you, and your family.

For even more bang for the buck, you can have a kitchen or bathroom remodeled upstairs at the same time. Combining the tasks reduce trip charges and make for efficient scheduling. The result is you save big money!

Kitchenette installation can add everywhere from $1-20,000 depending on your selected finished. No matter what your budget, ask us what we can do for you. We are always happy to discuss your options during and basement finishing project.

Additional Can Lights:

The Finished For, $24 Package includes the installation of up to 18 recessed cans per 1000 square feet of finished space, or roughly speaking one per every 55 square feet of floor space.  Lighting contractors often recommend one can light per every 81 square feet, but when we are designing these basement we always like to add as much light as possible, something we know you will appreciate.

If your basement is larger or small than 1000 square feet expect to receive a total number of can lights based on this average.

If a higher density of lights is requested they may be purchased at $55 per additional unit.

The package includes installation of 6 inch cans but this is just a standard size. Recessed can lights come in a variety of sizes and when combined with clever lighting design can make nice spaces fantastic.


A bathroom is a wonderful amenity to have in a finished basement. Nothing like having one close by to the big game, or happening birthday party.

Bathrooms come in two types full and half.

Full bathrooms include a toilet, sink, and shower or tub. Full bathrooms can be simple with stock vanities, average finishes, and tub/shower surrounds all the way to glorious spa like re-treats with floating vanities and European Steam Showers from ThermaSol.

A simple bathroom will add roughly $4-$5,000 to the cost of your basement finish.

What you get in the $4-$5,000 basement bathroom range? This budget typically affords you:

  • A Kohler tub with matching shower walls.
  • Standard installation of stock vanity, toilet, mirrors, lighting, etc.
  • Installation of glass door or shower curtain rod.
  • 2 additional can lights with approved enclosures.
  • Vanity lighting.
  • GFCI outlet.
  • Tile floor installation.
  • A simple exhaust fan.
  • An additional door.
  • Additional framing, electrical, and moisture resistant drywall.
  • What you are responsible to buy:
  • Vanity, sink, faucet
  • Shower door or curtain.
  • Mirror or vanity lighting.
  • Tile (if necessary)
  • Toilet paper dispenser and towels racks.
  • If you want a tiled shower, plan to add another $1500-$3000 to get it.
  • If you want a pre-fabricated shower base but tile walls plan to add ~$1000-$1500 (Best Value!)

Half Bathrooms include the toilet and sink only. If you currently have the plumbing run, or “rough in” existing in your bathroom expect to spend between $1500-$3000 to add one to your plan.

Required Secondary Electrical Sub-Panel:

If there isn’t enough room on your existing electrical panel then the installation of a sub-panel will be necessary. These secondary, typically smaller breaker panels are usually installed directly next to the existing panel but can be installed anywhere to accommodate any type of electrical requirement.

During our average project when an additional sub panel is necessary a 10 breaker 100 Amp panel is sufficient.  These sub panels are installed at a cost of $450.

In some cases it makes sense to install this sub panel even if the current usage requirements don’t require it. If you think the potential exists for needing more power for future entertainment systems or gaming machines than it makes sense to add one now. To add one after the basement is finished can cost 3 times as much money.

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