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The Finished For, $24 Package includes EVERYTHING you need to enjoy your newly finished basement! Bellow is a run down of what is all included so you can see for yourself. Have any questions? Just Ask. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Finished For, $24 Package includes project drawings, building and electrical permits.


We use 2×4 construction with treated bottom plates mechanically fastened to your concrete floor. With all the options available for your basement walls systems, a wood framed dry walled wall is still your best option for obtaining a long lasting quality finish which mirrors the look, feel, and function of your upper levels.

We use premium grade lumber, Sure it costs a little more for us to buy, but all things considered it’s a good investment. When you start right, you finish right.  Premium lumber gives us the opportunity to produce laser straight walls efficiently.

Our Finished For, $24 Package includes finished perimeter framing and up to 30 lineal foot of two side finished interior framing for every 1000 square foot of finished area.

Fire Blocking:

In the past 5 years fire blocking code has undertaken a dramatic change. Now the codes and requirements are very strict. We take your safety seriously and ensure that each of our projects far exceeds minimum fire blocking code including dry walling the under side of the stair way.

When comparing estimates check to make sure legal accommodations for code compliant fire blocking is included in everyone’s bid. This is an often over looked item by less experienced basement contractors.


The All Inclusive Package includes 18 recessed can lights per every 1000 square foot of finished area. Additional cans may be purchased at roughly $ 55 each, including white baffle trim kit. Can lights may be laid out according to suggested plan or at your direction.

  1. Includes up to 3 separate switches/ lighting zones.
  2. Includes Installation of up to 3 Arc Fault Breakers on existing power panel. If additional panel is necessary one may be installed for an additional $450.
  3. Includes outlets to code. Outlets must be tamper resistant which means they have a protective shield covering the two contacts on the device. They work buy inhibiting someone from sticking something into one side of the outlets and electrocuting themselves. The TR or tamper resistant outlets can be installed in any of 3 options; white, ivory, almond. Other device finishes may be selected at additional cost based on requested change.

One new communicating smoke detector is included. If additional smoke detectors are required by the building inspector they may be installed for an additional $95 each.


Our All Inclusive Package includes up to 3 hrs of licensed plumber with efforts geared towards reworking existing lines for best case scenarios, and or removing or replacing hidden shut offs.

No rough plumbing for a bathroom is included. If a bathroom, kitchenette, or other plumbing necessity is desired please check our options page for a full list of expected expenditures and processes.

If the allotted hours are not necessary for your project expect to see a deduction off the final amount due to the sum of $100.


All of our basement finishes get properly insulated. In most cases the builder has installed foundation insulation down to 4’ bellow grade. While this meets minimum code for even a finished basement we take it a step further. We install R-13 Vapor Barrier faced insulation in all our exterior wall cavities.

The additional insulation serves two important functions.

First, the monolithically insulated cavity reduces heat loss both ways. It allows your furnace and air conditioner to more efficiently manage your desired temperature in your newly finished spaces.

Secondly, the insulated cavities provide for a better “sounding” space.  Insulation eliminates that “hallway” effect which commonly plagues basement.


The All Inclusive Basement Package includes the installation of ½ drywall on all finished walls and ceilings. Our talented drywall specialists know that the quality of the walls can make or break a project. We take smooth walls seriously, so you don’t have to.

Ceilings can be textured to match or smooth. Typically we try and match what the rest of your house has in an effort to create a seamless transition between the upper and lower levels of your home.


Our package price includes the purchase price and installation of up to 3 pre-primed hollow core six panel pre-hung doors. We can usually get your existing doors matched almost exactly depending on the age of your home.

We also include brass color hardware. Brushed nickel and Oil rubbed bronze are available at additional cost $25 per door.

If additional doors are in your plan they can be purchased for an additional $ 250 each including trim, door, installation, and hardware.


We include baseboard and casing trim at no additional charge. The package price includes 3 ¼ inch colonial baseboard and 2 ¾ inch colonial casing. Like doors if a custom match is necessary we can get it for you at additional charge based on cost of requested trim work.


Our All Inclusive Basement Package includes priming the raw drywall and applying two coats of Sherwin Williams paint, color of choice. You may select up to 3 colors (trim white being one of them). Additional colors may be selected for $ 250 each.


Unlike ALL of our competition we include the cost of carpet in our base price. We have stock colors and styles you can select from. The stock is always changing so we will provide you samples to select from. If you would prefer to have your own carpet people install the floors for you, just let us know and we can remove the installation cost prior to the contract signing.

As you can see we included EVERYTHING! This allows you, our valued client, to have the piece of mind of knowing roughly what its going to cost before you get started. This is a fantastic price, that’s why we don’t hide it. Compare your current bids and you we see what we are talking about. Contact us to schedule a time to receive a free in home, zero pressure consultation.

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