Basement Finishing Wall Systems Explained.

Basement Finishing Wall Systems 101

The following are a few of the basement finishing wall systems that Ohio Home Doctor can use to finish your basement renovation.


Wood stud framed walls covered with ½ drywall a time tested and cost effective method for finishing basement walls. A wood framed wall with a pressure treated bottom plate offers great strength and long lasting durability while providing a finely finished wall system that maintains wall fluency throughout all the levels of your home.

Fiberglass Drywall:

Fiberglass drywall is a relatively new product and boast extreme resistance to mold growth. Mold spores, when provided the atmosphere and opportunity will typically grow only on the paper face of the drywall board not on the substrate. Thus by removing the paper and facing the panels will fiberglass laced with Microban the mold growth potential is greatly reduced.

Wood vs. Metal studs: 

When considering your options for remodeling or finishing your basement one must consider whether they want to frame the walls out of wood or metal studs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Wood provides a sturdy wall system and is a great material for hanging cabinetry and doors.

However mold will grow on wood if provided the proper conditions and opportunity. Where as a metal wall will prohibit mold growth more so than wood wall but lacks in strength and ability to freely hang items from it. Some applications are best when a combination of wood and metal framing is utilized.

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