Basement Ceiling Systems

The Ohio Home Doctor explains some of the different ceiling systems that are available online.

Basement Ceiling systems: Drywall: Drywall ceilings provide a clean fluent finish ad are available in many different finishes and textures.

While beautiful and clean they do prohibit running new wires and working on above mechanicals. If drywall is your material of choice make sure you include the plenty of lightning and design the rooms to accommodate changing lifestyles (play room to pool hall) so that the finished rooms in your basement will be multifunctional and suit your diverse needs.

Acoustical Ceilings: Acoustical ceilings are know under several names such as: drop ceilings, suspended ceilings, and panel and frame ceilings.

In the last 15 years companies have developed numerous different styles of these ceilings offering choices that vary significantly from the one you probably have in your office. Acoustical ceilings provide excellent sound retention and make running new wires or addressing above mechanical issues in the future simple.

Lightning, outlets, and mechanicals can be added, altered, or removed with comparably little effort and absolutely no painting or drywall mess.

OHD Healthy Living Basement Finishing Techniques: Over the Years Ohio Home Doctor has perfected a proprietary technique for maximizing the quality of your basement finishing or remodeling project. We have combined innovative moisture extraction methods, foundation treatments and top coats, and the latest in micro-ban materials and techniques specifically designed to provide you with the healthiest finished basement on the market.

One deep breath of our finished product and you will feel the Ohio Home Doctor difference. Not all basement finishing contractors in Dayton Ohio are created equally.


Call Ohio Home Doctor Inc. today at (937) 605-6882 and talk to the best acoustical ceiling contractor in the Dayton, Ohio area.

to find out which basement ceiling system would be best for you situation.


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