Vinyl Siding Replacement in Cincinnati

Vinyl Siding Contractor in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Installing New Vinyl Siding for Cincinnati home owners is something we take a lot of pride in. We do not just bang up the cheapest product we can find to make the most money as quickly as possible. We study the materials and best installation guidelines, have built relationships with local vendors which save our clients money, and always put our clients’ needs in front of all other priorities. There are many siding contractors to choose from but very few who have taken the time to really master the trade like we have.

Vinyl siding products have made huge strides in material improvement in the last decade. The vinyl’s are better, thicker, and more sun fade resistant than ever. Companies like Crane have also unveiled full lines of beautiful insulated vinyl panels which not only protect your home but also increase your home’s energy efficiency. These insulated panels are a fantastic value when compared to their alternatives which do little to save you money on your heating and cooling.

Companies are now offering full lines of vinyl siding which mirrors the look of shake siding which can be smartly used to accent gables or create exterior focal point vastly improving your home’s curb appeal. These products cost a little more than traditional siding but are full of value. Also, if used sparingly as accents these shake imitation panels can add tons of beauty while increasing the project cost very little.

The trade of vinyl siding is much more involved than it may appear. Done properly “vinyl is final” meaning the product will last a full lifetime. Done poorly and you will be equally served flushing your investment down the toilet.

The difference between a proper and improper installation comes down to the installers commitment to provide a finished product that not only meets installation standard but also produces an interior rain screen which makes your home’s weather envelope impermeable to whatever mother nature has to throw at it.

What is a “Rain Screen”?

A rain screen is the manner in which house wrap and flashings are used to protect your home’s plywood sheathing. Wind driven rain and sleet will make its way behind even the best installed vinyl siding eventually. How this moisture is dealt with will make the overall difference in whether your siding lasts a lifetime or a few seasons. It may seem as simple as wrapping the home in Tyvek, and that is a good start, but to do it properly the installer must have a broad knowledge of the trade and be able to apply this experience to every unique situation your home’s exterior presents.

Call or contact us today to schedule a time to look at your home, and discuss the possibilities which fit inside your budget. We can develop a solution to match almost every budget and taste using modern vinyl siding products and age old best practices. We look forward to hearing from you!

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