Tub Replacement in Centerville, OH

Bathtub Replacement in Centerville Ohio.

Would You Like To Replace Your Old Bathtub?

Replacing an existing tub in your Centerville home can be an easy, enjoyable, and affordable process. Or it can be a complete train wreck. The difference will be the skill and experience of the team to employ to handle this for you. Ohio Home Doctor has replaced over 150 tubs, in doing so we have learned a thing or two about creating a positive experience for our clients.

Standard tub size is 34 inches wide (measurement off the back wall to the front of the tub face) and 60 inches long (measured from the left to the right). It is important when planning to replace you tub that you measure your existing unit and find a replacement that mirrors its size as close as possible. Most people know that a standard tub is 5 foot long but ignore the width ending up with either flooring exposed unfinished, or an installation which drastically reduces the amount of space in the bathroom especially when the toilet is nearby.

Centerville Ohio Bathtub Replacement.
Will Your New Tub Even Fit?

It is also important to get a tub of similar width since the plumbing drain is roughed into the center of the tub. Getting a skinnier or wider tub creates more work for the plumber and consequently adds cost to the project. Now if the room exists and getting a larger soaking tub is the goal then selecting a wider tub can accomplish that goal. Standard tub widths go all the way up to 36 inches. After that you get into a special order scenario which will cause you to shell out a lot more money.

Using a tub replacement contractor who has the experience and team in place to efficiently manage the project can make the experience enjoyable. The joy comes from being amazed at how quickly it can be completed from start to finish, and the anticipation of receiving a new tub for you and your family to use.

As for the cost of a tub replacement that varies depending on the tub you select and the condition of your existing structure. The average tub costs between $200-$700 and the labor for replacement can range from $600-$2500. Keep in mind that replacing your tub will also need to include replacing your shower walls which is not included in those estimate prices.

If you have any tub replacement questions, comments, or concerns please let us know. Even if you are a DIY’r looking for advice we are happy to help!

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