Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Dayton, Ohio.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The following are some kitchen remodeling options and ideas that we would like to share with you.

Work triangles:

Work Triangles refers to the distance between the three major areas of the kitchen, the sink, stove, and refrigerator.  Minimizing these distances for a loved one while planning your kitchen remodeling project can maximize your efficiency causing you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you truly love to do.

Cabinetry options:

Ohio Home Doctor has studied the options for kitchen cabinetry for years and years.  Hundreds of companies offer thousands of options.  Finding the right kitchen cabinetry in imperative. We have partnered with an Omish cabinet maker in Quaker City Ohio and are able to offer 100% unique custom cabinets not available from any other kitchen remodeler in Dayton Ohio.   Call to schedule a time to receive a free estimate and discuss your options.


Countertop options are simple, laminate, tile, granite, and concrete.  The proper countertop for the proper kitchen design will provide outstanding looks and function for years to come.


Including a tile backsplash in you kitchen design can be a simple way to add elegance without breaking the budget.  Ohio Home Doctor has hundreds of designs to choose from.  With different patterns and tile accents we can truly personalize your kitchen backsplash to your remodeling tastes.

Flooring options: 

Kitchens typically tend to be wet spaces.  Tile or vinyl are the best options for kitchen flooring but wood can also be installed if properly maintained.  Never install carpet in your kitchen.

These kitchen remodeling options and ideas can help transform any kitchen into a place you will enjoy working in everyday.

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