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Rotting Cedar Siding in Dayton OhioDoes your Dayton Cedar siding look like this? Tired of paying your handyman to patch band aids to your home without addressing the underlying issues? Has years of neglect finally caught up with you? Maybe you just bought your new home and there is a suspicion that somethings brewing behind your home’s cedar siding.

No matter the reason we are here together right now; rest assured we can help!

We have been successfully completing cedar siding repairs for more than 10 years and eagerly await the opportunity to transform your issue into an asset.


Cedar Siding Project Dayton OhioWhy Cedar? Cedar has been used as a siding material for the last few hundred years. This is because of its inherent rot and insect resistance. During growth the cedar tree creates resins called extractives. These resins protect the wood material from both weather related deterioration and insect intrusion. These unique qualities make cedar one of the best possible siding materials on the market, even with today’s technology.

While cedar is weather resistant, there is a lot more that goes into a proper cedar siding installation than just nailing it up to the exterior of your home.


Rotting Framing Concealed behind Cedar SidingThe truth is most cedar siding installations are improperly constructed and allow the weather to penetrate the exterior envelope causing damage to your home’s structural framing. As the extractives protect the siding boards from rot, the framing sits vulnerable to decay. In many cases by the time the cedar begins to shows signs of rot, the concealed framing is in far worse shape; turning your simple siding repair into an involved project.



What makes your cedar siding installation proper?

Proper Rain Screen- A rain screen is a complete encapsulation of your home’s sheathing with a sustainable permanently waterproof sheet membrane. The most recognizable brand of rain screen is TyVek.

A properly installed rain screen diverts rain which penetrates past the siding level, away from your home’s framing.

Butt Flashing- Butt flashing comes in many compositions such as aluminum,  plastic, vinyl, and even rubber. A lack of butt flashing is the single most ignored detail by cedar siding installers. Butt flashing blocks water which gets into the butt seems from getting behind the siding level and damaging your home.

Missing Drip Trims- When designing a cedar siding project much care must be placed into getting the right drip trims in the right locations. Drip trims force water away from the siding level in strategic locations thus reducing the overall amount of weather particular areas receive.

Proper Drip Detail for Cedar Siding Using Vinyl Drip Cap

We prefer to use vinyl drip trims as shown above since it is arguably the most important detail, and also the thinnest component. Vinyl lasts much longer and is only a few dollars more than its cedar counterpart. You’ll also notice above that we install a self curing flashing tape over the vertical lip of the drip trim further adding to the effectiveness of both the trim, but also providing the rain screen a natural “out”.


Replacement Cedar Siding Project in Dayton Ohio

New Installations-

During a complete cedar reside we are able to address all concealed issues while providing you a quality, by the book installation, ready to weather decades of abuse. To help with the cost we allow you to use our relationships developed over the last decade with local lumber suppliers and utilize our contractor account discounts.

Even if a complete re-side isn’t in the plans, tackling areas monolithically allows us to install the proper flashings and rain screens for you prior to the installation of the new siding. We will provide you honest feedback as to what you need, not what will look good enough for us to get paid. Our ultimate goal is to gain a customer for life, the last thing we want to do is cover up your issue which will surely shows its face down the road.

Cedar Siding Repair Job in Dayton Ohio






Home Properly Repaired with Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding Repairs-

While it’s always best to monolithically install an entire new siding system this is simply not an option in most cases due to the investment involved. There is also the “Its not broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Just because one area of your home is comprised doesn’t mean it all needs replaced. One of the great qualities of cedar siding is its consistent asthetics. A cedar board bought today looks identical to one purchased 40 years ago, making repairing, and properly patching damaged installations a real possibilty.

When we are finished you home will look just like it did before all the damage, not like someone did their best to ban aid the real issue.




What Now?

The next step is let’s schedule a time to look at your project. We will come inspect your home, identify the issue, and propose a solution which addresses the cause, not just covers the effect.

The worst thing you can do is just add caulk and paint. While this may make your home look a little better it is only delaying the inevitable and costing you far more money when the time comes to properly address your cedar siding rot.

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